If you want to show the art project or invite it to be a part of an exhibition, please contact me.
Or do you know a gallery, museum, war museum, church, library, town hall etc. that might be interested in showing the piece?

The art work is very flexible depending on the exhibition space.
The whole piece with 300 handkerchiefs, can be shown together, or it is possible to divide them between different venues in the same place at the same time.
Together the handkerchiefs fill 45 m2, about a 12 meters wall.

The handkerchiefs can be pinned directly onto the wall with pins or can be installed on a separate white background to fit the exhibition wall.
I can install the work personally or the piece can be sent and I can discuss the hanging arrangements with you.
I can give an artist talk or ran a workshop in connection with the exhibition.

Take a look at the previous exhibitions, maybe you will get some ideas.

Send me an email, if you have any questions or suggestions.

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